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BBC News School Report

What is BBC News School Report?
  • Set up in 2007, the project gives 11-16 year-old students in the UK the chance to make their own news reports for a real audience 
  • Brentside High School was among the first few schools to take part in 2007 and has taken part in every single Practice Day and News Day ever since
  • Schools make reports for their own website which the BBC links to from an interactive map
  • The BBC works in partnership with schools to bring young people's voices to its mainstream news output
  • While reporting takes place all through the school year, the annual News Day in March provides a focus and a deadline for all schools taking part

Brentside High School was one of the first secondary schools in London to participate in the BBC School Report and we are delighted that this project has gone from strength to strength. Year 8 students always work extremely hard on producing, presenting, writing and editing their news reports on BBC News School Report Day and we are really proud of their achievements.


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