Learning & Achieving Together

Business Studies

Our vision is to develop business and academic skills based in real business situations.  We create exciting and innovative learning activities and provide opportunities to research organisations and workers to gain real insights into the world of work. We cater for the needs of all individual students across a range of courses through high quality lessons, extracurricular support, visits and drop in sessions.

Key Stage 5

Economics: AS and A Level

AS Economics: Students learn about the theory of the market and then develop these ideas to gain an appreciation from a national economic perspective.

A Level Economics: Students explore the labour market in more depth and develop the theories studied in AS level to look at international and global economics.

The course explores why individuals or countries are rich or poor. Students examine what role government should play in ensuring we get the best outcome.

Business: BTEC level 2

This vocational course provides an introduction to business and successful completion allows access to level 3 courses.

Business: BTEC level 3

This is a vocational course focusing on developing research, team work, communication and specific business skills. The course can be studied as a qualification worth one, two or three A levels.

Units covered include:

  • Business environment
  • Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Visual marketing
  • Internet marketing
  • Managing an event
  • Business communication
  • Retailing

Assessment and Examinations

(Economics: OCR, Business: Edexcel)

  • Economics: Written examinations (100%)
  • Business: Coursework (100%)

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Extra curricular activities include:

  • Fulham Football Club Enterprise Challenge (winners 2014)
  • Trips to many local business and related organisations, including the Tower of London, Thorpe Park, City Business Library and the Bank of England.