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Extended Project

Key stage 5

Level 3 Extended Project Qulification

Sixth Form students taking advanced courses will be required to take AS Extended Project which is a qualification designed by universities to ensure that students have the skills required for higher education. Students will develop a project of their own choosing in a topic that interests them. In employment, there is an increasing trend towards management through the use of projects of various sizes and duration. Recent feedback has demonstrated that employers are giving the Extended Project Qualification serious consideration when selecting candidates for interview.

Assessment and Examinations

We offer a choice between two different units for the Extended Project.

Unit 1 – Dissertation

Students choose a question for which they can research extensively and then argue at least two different points of view. The word count averages between 6000 and 8000 words. Popular dissertations have covered controversial topics such as capital punishment, evolution, violent video games and the role of the media.

Unit 4 – Artefact

Students set themselves a brief or mission statement as if they have been commissioned by a client. To fulfil the brief they create, paint, write, illustrate, build or design their artefact whilst completing a sketch book which details all of their decisions, planning and evaluations. Popular examples have included designing a fashion line, illustrating a favourite children’s book, writing a play and producing a sculpture.

These projects will be supported by a weekly lesson with a designated teacher who will provide ongoing feedback throughout Year 12. Projects will be submitted for examination in the Autumn Term of Year 13.