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Health and Social Care

The health and social care department strives for excellence from every learner by encouraging them to embrace experiences and opportunities and to apply their learning to examples within different settings of care. Each student is supported through attending engaging lessons and the use of up to date resources which challenge and motivate them. We believe that every student should be able to achieve the highest grade possible regardless of their ability so will secure the opportunity for all to succeed in all areas of the curriculum.

Key Stage 4

GCSE health and social care students study three units over the course of two or three years.

Unit 1: Improving the well-being of an individual

Students will choose a client and carry out a range of testing techniques to measure and evaluate their health and then produce, implement and review a plan that will aim to make lifestyle changes that could improve their health. Students will then review and evaluate the impact this plan has had on their chosen client.

Unit 2: Promoting healthy living

In this unit students will research and evaluate existing health promotion campaigns and then plan and deliver their own health promotion campaign. This involves an element of creativity that students enjoy, particularly as they have the freedom to choose the type of materials they produce, from posters or wall displays in schools to promotional videos or radio scripts. At the end students review and evaluate the success of their campaign.

Unit 3: Development through the life stages

This knowledge will be relevant when considering future career choices and further study options. This unit covers the stages and patterns of human growth and development, expected development at each life stage, sources of support/services for life events, roles of professionals from the sectors who are involved in supporting life events, definitions of health and well-being and factors influencing health and well-being.

Assessment and Examinations (AQA)

This qualification is modular and is split into three units. One is an externally assessed examination and the other two are internally assessed.

Key Stage 5

For details of our Key Stage 5 curriculum, please see our Sixth Form prospectus.

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