Learning & Achieving Together

Ethnic Minority Achievement

Brentside is a truly international community. The EMA Department promotes and celebrates our cultural diversity and works to ensure that all students have the opportunity to succeed.

Support for students learning English

We have many bilingual and multilingual students at Brentside. Some of these students have recently arrived in the UK while others have been here for several years. We provide intensive English lessons for recent arrivals in an Induction Programme as well as a range of other services detailed below.

In-class Support

The EMA Department offers support to students in their curriculum classes. Working alongside subject specialists, we help students understand the lesson, develop their English and improve their grades. We work with students in every year, from Year 7 to Year 13.

Advanced Bilingual Learners

Once a student can communicate in English, there is still much work to be done to ensure that they get the highest grades possible in their public examinations. For this reason, we continue to support students for a number of years, helping them improve their written skills and extend their vocabulary.

Homework & Revision Club

Homework can be difficult for students learning English. The EMA Department provides help after school. We also run revision sessions before important examinations and assessments. Computers, laptops and bilingual dictionaries are available as well as a library of books suitable for language learners.

Family Learning English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL classes)

Brentside offers free ESOL Classes for adults too. Classes run once a week after school. For more information, please contact reception or the EMA Department.

Community Language GCSEs and A levels

Over fifty languages are spoken by students and staff at Brentside. In many cases, students can take GCSE and A level examinations in their heritage language. Although we do not teach these languages, bilingual staff and parents work together to prepare students for examinations. We are very proud of the excellent examination results achieved by our students. Visit the Heritage Languages Room in the MLE if you would like more information and the chance to see past examination papers.  Students will need to sign up in January for examinations in May and June.

International Day

Each year, the EMA Department runs an International Day. Students wear international dress and sell International food in a lunchtime market. This colourful celebration of our multicultural community has raised hundreds of pounds for the developing world and underlines our commitment to educating the global citizen.