Learning & Achieving Together

Key Stage 4 Religious Studies

Philosophy and Ethics

All students follow the OCR short course in Philosophy and Applied Ethics and focus on one main religion examining the response to contemporary ethical issues.

Students will explore:

  • the relationship between religion and medical ethics and conflict
  • one religious perspective in depth
  • common themes and similarities between religions
  • religious facts and cultural diversity
  • a wide range of ethical issues.

Students will develop:

  • critical thinking skills
  • literacy skills
  • tolerance and respect for others
  • personal responses to a range of ethical issues to them.

The course offers all students from a religious or non-religious background the opportunity to discuss common themes in a challenging environment.

Students with a special interest in Religious Studies have the opportunity to gain the full course qualification. Students will be expected to attend twilight sessions on a Friday that will cover philosophical modules. This is a fantastic opportunity to develop philosophical knowledge and understanding and widen students’ understanding of religious responses to deeper questions such as the nature of God.

Assessment and Examinations (OCR)

2 hour written examination