Learning & Achieving Together

Key Stage 4 Modern Foreign Languages

French/ Spanish GCSE

The French and Spanish courses develop the skills required to communicate in both speaking and writing. There is an increased emphasis on acquiring the language skills in order to infer meaning, interpret, develop structure, use tenses and write accurate French/Spanish. Greater independence and interaction with others is encouraged through the study of topics ranging from sport, leisure and holidays to travel, the workplace and environmental issues. There are ample opportunities for learning through ICT, the internet and contact with native speakers.

There are two tiers of entry:

  • Higher (grades A* to D) and Foundation (grades C to G).
  • We have access to the AQA GCSE material including the Kerboodle website for independent learning.

Assessment and Examinations

(French Full Course-AQA 4655 & Spanish Full Course-AQA 4695)

French/ Spanish GCSE Controlled Assessments: written (30%), oral (30%) examined over the two year course

Examinations: Listening (20%) and reading (20%)