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Key Stage 5 Modern Foreign Languages

AS / A2

Both courses aim for the students to be able to communicate fluently in French or Spanish. All lessons are conducted in the target language and through the topics studied students develop a high level of competency in speaking, listening, reading and writing. The students study the language through a variety of stimuli, using authentic materials. They learn how to speak colloquially, organise discussions and how to present arguments and information. In addition the students will be able to write accurately in the target language. Grammar is studied through a systematic programme relevant to the topic studied and the skills required.

French/ Spanish: AS

4 topics: the media, popular culture, healthy living and family and relationships.

French/ Spanish: A2 level

3 topics: the environment, multicultural society and contemporary social issues. In addition they research and study two cultural topics relevant to France or Spain.

Assessment and Examinations (French - AQA & Spanish - AQA)

French/ Spanish AS

2 externally marked examinations (June)

  • Unit on Listening, Reading and Writing: 2 hours (70% AS)

  • Unit on Speaking: 35 minutes including 20 minutes preparation time (30% AS)

French/ Spanish A2

2 examinations (June)

  • Unit on Listening, Reading and Writing: 2 hours 30 minutes (35% A2)

  • Unit on Speaking: 35 minutes, including 20 minutes preparation time (15% A2)