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Key Stage 5 History

AS level:

• The mid-tudor crisis 1536-1569: the unit focuses on four key areas: Tudor government; rebellions; society and economics and religious change.

• Germany 1919-1963: Students investigate Weimar Germany (1918-1933) and Nazi Germany (1934-45) and the aftermath and creation of two Germanies (1945-63). The course outlines the political, economic and social changes that occur during these periods, inviting students to critically analyse and evaluate specific topics on Germany.

A2 level:

• Tudor rebellions 1485-1603: Students study in depth the rebellions which faced the Tudor government from 1485 to 1603. This is a synoptic paper which asks students to consider change and continuity across the period.

• America between the Wars 1918-41 (coursework): This unit considers the reasons for the booming economy in the 1920s, why and with what results prohibition was introduced into the US; the reasons for the depression and the effectiveness of the New Deal in counteracting its impact; how far American foreign policy was isolationist or interventionist.

Assessment and Examinations (OCR)

Key Stage 5 is assessed by two written examinations in Year 12 (both 1 hour 30 minutes) and one examination in Year 13 (2 hours) as well as coursework, which contributes 25% to their final grade.