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Key Stage 5 Government and Politics

AS and A2 Government and Politics 

This course gives students the knowledge to understand how government works, particularly in the UK, but also in other countries. In the first year students will study how people participate in politics, and how the UK government works. In the second year they will specialise in subjects such as the politics of the USA, or political ideologies. Students will learn about undertaking research, gain a deeper understanding of governments and find out about careers in politics.

The course is divided into four units:

AS level

  • Unit 1: Contemporary Politics of the UK
  • Unit 2: Contemporary Government of the UK

A2 level

Students study two units taken from the following:

  • Unit 3: Contemporary US Government and Politics
  • Unit 4: US Government and Politics
  • Unit 5: Political Ideas and Concepts
  • Unit 6: Political Ideas and Concepts in Practice

Assessment and Examinations (OCR)

This course is assessed by examination only. All units are assessed through a 1 hour 30 minutes examination taken during the June examination session.