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Key Stage 4 Art

GCSE Art and Design

This course leads to a GCSE in art & design. The main focus of the course is to develop students' practical skills using a wide range of materials and techniques in drawing, painting, mixed media and 3D construction.

In Year 10, students work thematically on a variety of different ideas and media, while in Year 11, students have the opportunity to work independently on their own project. This will be planned with the support of specialist art and design teachers which allows students to sustain, experiment with and further their own creative interests, whether they are in photography, painting, textiles, graphics or 3D sculpture.

Assessment and Examinations (Edexcel)

The GCSE course runs over a two year period. During Year 10 students will carry out a coursework project set by their teacher. Students will be supported in the building of skills in art and design materials and techniques.
During Year 11 students will be expected to complete an internally set mock examination and an externally set assignment, (examination project). The examination project consists of a ten hour practical examination which is completed over two days and is supported by preliminary studies. There are no written examinations and the final grades for the course are awarded by an external moderator. Question papers will be distributed eight school weeks (plus April school holiday) before the examination.