Learning & Achieving Together

School Council

The Cabinet

Inspired by the British democratic system, Brentside's School Council was re-named The School Cabinet in 2014 by the Sixth Form working party when reviewing its vision.  The School Cabinet plays a pivotal role in leading student voice within the school, meeting every Thursday 08:30-09:00 to discuss issues of school improvement and planning campaign action to bring about change. The Cabinet share their work with students and staff through the student bulletin and assemblies and are growing from strength to strength.

School Cabinet Members

Year 8: Jayden James 8R; Breanna Bharatia 8D

Year 9: Charlie Otto 9E; Marcus Carr 9E; Zackaria Hamri 9E; Dalia Jawad 9T; Gracie Harte 9I; Omer Alniemi 9I; Ayushma Gurung 9D; Maja Kozicka 9D

Year 10: Dylan Bharatia 10B; Arvin Azimi 10B; Matthew Medrano 10E; Tamir Al-Shoukeirat 10E; Nihal Bhatti 10N; Hamza Nasir 10N; Romeiia Manu 10N; Manjot Dang 10S

Sixth Form Cabinet Leader 2017-2018

Eyar Berman-Roth