Learning & Achieving Together


An important aspect of our work is community provision. One of our core values is 'Citizenship - Developing a responsibility to our families, school, community and world'.  This is demonstrated in a significant number of ways, both in how we celebrate our own diverse community with events such as our International Food Market and how we work both within our local, national and global communities.  

Brentside High School is actively involved in raising funds for a range of charities to support those less fortunate than ourselves, for example, Comic Relief, where our fund raising was recognised as so outstanding that our students became the public face of the Comic Relief campaign 2013.  

Community projects have included Year 10 citizenship students campaigning to raise awareness of local charities as part of the Youth Philanthropic Initiative; organising Christmas parties for senior citizens from our local residential care home and also for St Anne's Special School;  school production matinees for local primary schools and singing at Christmas events both in Pitshanger and at Kew Gardens. 

We have strong international links with countries including China, The United States of America, France and Australia and as a direct result of our outstanding work in this area, we successfully achieved the International School Award in September 2014. For further information, see our achievements section.