Learning & Achieving Together

Governing Body Membership

Brentside High School Governing Body Membership

Academic Year 2020/2021

Chair of Governors:

Catherine Smith (Partnership governor)

Vice Chair of Governors:

Mark Perry (Partnership governor)


Richard Costella (Parent)

Raj Fruzza (Parent)

Dixie-Ann Mark (Parent)

Tereza Ledlova (Parent)

Arwel Jones (Head Teacher)

Nic Mills (Staff)

Edmond Yeo (Local Authority)

Janine Neye (Partnership)

Malcolm Darvill (Partnership)

Tanu Kurien (Partnership)

Liz Ball (Co-opted)

Alex Redley (Co-opted)

Alisha Pomells (Co-opted)

Angela Dodwell (Co-opted)


Arwel Jones

Liz Ball

Mark Perry

Governor Review Panel (Students):

Edmond Yeo (Chair)

Catherine Smith (Vice Chair)

All Governors

Discipline Committee (Staff):

Catherine Smith

Malcolm Darvill

Mark Perry

Curriculum Committee:

Janine Neye (Chair)

Raj Fruzza

Alex Redley

Charlotte Hames (In attendance)

Finance & General Purposes Committee:

Richard Costella (Vice Chair)

Catherine Smith

Arwel Jones (Head Teacher)

Liz Ball

Edmond Yeo

Malcolm Darvill

Personnel Committee & Pay Committee:

Catherine Smith

Mark Perry

Malcom Darvill

Liz Ball

Appeals Committee

To be set up when required

Curriculum Clusters

SEN/Child Protection Angela Dodwell/Richard Costella/Liz Ball

Mental Health Angela Dodwell


English Janine Neye

Maths Mark Perry

Science Malcom Darvill

History Catherine Smith

PE & Healthy Schools

Geography Alisha Pemmells

Music and Drama Janine Neye


6th Form Link Governor