Learning & Achieving Together

Governing Body Membership

Brentside High School Governing Body Membership

Academic Year 2020/2021

Chair of Governors:

Catherine Smith (Partnership governor)

Vice Chair of Governors:

Liz Ball (Co-opted)


Mark Perry (Partnership)

Richard Costella (Parent)

Imran Abdurahman (Parent)

Polly Bradley (Parent)

Mandy Cayford (Parent)

Angela Dodwell (Parent)

Charmaine Jackson (Parent)

Tereza Ledlova (Parent)

Gopi Shah (Parent)

Charlotte Hames (Headteacher)

Nic Mills (Staff)

Edmond Yeo (Local Authority)

Janine Neye (Partnership)

Malcolm Darvill (Partnership)

Tanu Kurien (Partnership)

Alex Redley (Co-opted)

Alisha Pomells (Co-opted)

Hetal Joshi (Co-opted


Charlotte Hames

Liz Ball

Mark Perry

Governor Review Panel (Students):

Edmond Yeo (Chair)

Catherine Smith (Vice Chair)

All Governors

Discipline Committee (Staff):

Catherine Smith

Malcolm Darvill

Mark Perry

Curriculum Committee:

Janine Neye (Chair)

Liz Ball 

Polly Bradley

Tanu Kurien

Alex Redley

Gopi Shah

Charlotte Hames (In attendance)

Finance & General Purposes Committee:

Richard Costella (Vice Chair)

Imran Abdurahman

Catherine Smith

Charlotte Hames (Headteacher)

Liz Ball

Edmond Yeo

Malcolm Darvill

Personnel Committee & Pay Committee:

Catherine Smith

Mark Perry

Liz Ball

Appeals Committee

To be set up when required

Curriculum Clusters

SEN/Child Protection Angela Dodwell/Richard Costella/Liz Ball

Mental Health Angela Dodwell


English Janine Neye

Maths Mark Perry

Science Malcom Darvill

History Catherine Smith

PE & Healthy Schools

Geography Alisha Pommells

Music and Drama Janine Neye


CEIAG:  Hetal Joshi 

6th Form Link Governor