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Key Stage 4 Media Studies

The GCSE is comprised of three units:

  1. The individual media studies portfolio focuses on the key concepts of media language and representation. Students are given an opportunity to demonstrate skills in analysing, planning, constructing and evaluating a media text within the chosen topic area. Briefs include: popular music, celebrity, soap opera, advertising and video games.
  2. The textual analysis examination requires students to write about a short, previously unseen, section of film by identifying and analysing the filming techniques used by the director to create meaning for the audience. In addition, students answer questions on a given topic, for example the scheduling and audience behaviours linked to British TV comedy.
  3. The production portfolio in media studies requires students to create their own advanced media product, applying fully their research, technical, theoretical and creative skills in an area such as print, video, audio, website or cross media.

Assessment and Examinations (OCR)

Production portfolio (30%): Controlled assessment. Learners will produce a portfolio containing an assignment and a production exercise based on at least 2 texts.

Examination Unit (40%): 1 hour 45 minutes, written examination. The examination requires students to write analysing the filming techniques employed within a short section of film and also to answer on a prepared media topic.

Group production portfolio (30%): Controlled assessment. This can be individual or as part of a larger group (5 maximum) to produce a major practical production in response to set briefs.