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Key Stage 5 Media Studies

Students will learn how to use a range of new technologies to produce movies, documentaries, print advertisements, radio/podcasts, website interactives or video games. Each student will produce an individual production portfolio and may produce a media text individually or as part of a group. The examination unit requires students to develop high level creative, technical and analytical skills in order to write in response to questions about the impact of the director’s choices on the audience. In addition, students will study a media industry in depth in order to write about the key issues and debates linked to that industry. Students will complete an AS qualification in the first year and may continue into the second year for the full A level qualification.

Assessment and Examinations (OCR)

The AS course involves the creation of a practical portfolio working in one of the following media: print, video, audio and website. There is also a written examination on key media concepts such as genre, audience and representation.

The A level course involves an advanced production portfolio in one of the following areas: print, video, audio, website and games software. In addition, there is an examination on a given media concept or debate, for example the representation of a particular social group within films and an essay requiring students to apply their theoretical knowledge to the analysis of their own media production skills.