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Assessment Calendar

Revision Guidance

The timetable for each set of assessments will be published several weeks in advance to support students in planning their revision (see links in the table below). Guidance on what to revise for each subject will be shared on SMHW and both assemblies and form time will be devoted to developing revision skills.

Assessment Calendar

Below is the overview for the year showing when the internal assessments occur. This table includes links to the timetable for each set of internal assessment, the letter to parents regarding the internal assessments and any additional resources:

Half term

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year group

Year 10

Year 11

Year 12 and 13

Year 8

Year 9

Year 7

Year 12

Year 10

Date of assessments

30 Oct – 2 Nov

5 Dec – 20 Dec

7 Jan – 11 Jan

25 Feb – 1 Mar

29 Apr – 3 May

20 May – 24 May

03 Jun – 07 Jun

17 Jun –26 Jun



Y11 Timetable 


Y8 Internal Assessment Timetable

Y9 Internal Assessment Timetable


Y12 Internal Examinations Timetable

Y10 Assessment Timetable

Letter to Parents


Y11 Revision Letter

Sixth Form Revision Letter

Y8 Internal Examinations Letter


Y7 Internal Assessment Letter


Y10 Internal Assessment Letter

Additional Resources








Year 10 Revision Letter

Results submitted

12 Nov

9 Jan

21 Jan

14 Mar

20 May

3 Jul

3 Jul

3 Jul

Published to parents

15 Nov (TRD)

17 Jan (P Eve)

24 Jan (P Eve)

21 Mar (TRD)

6 Jun (P Eve)

17 Jul (report)

17 Jul (report)

17 Jul (report)

If you have any questions about a particular subject please ask your child to talk to their classroom teacher in the first instance. If you then have any further enquiries please contact the subject leader for anything subject specific or your child’s year leader for general enquiries concerning the internal assessments.