Learning & Achieving Together

Ski Trip Update: Thursday


The ski party have completed day five on the piste and what a brilliant day. Students experienced a snow blizzard in temperatures of -11c. The fresh snow was delightful. Skier of the week is Andrew for not only his phenomenal skiing expertise but the way he provides support for all. The group are enjoying their ski presentation this evening and a disco. All staff would like to commend the efforts of each and every student and look forward to next year! The expected time of arrival to Brentside High School on Saturday is approximately 13:00 but an update will follow once the team arrive back in the UK.


The ski team have been on the glacier and had an amazing day today. Fresh snow has fallen and the students have demonstrated really positive attitudes. Skier of the day was Anna. Despite struggling down a few difficult slopes with a numer of falls, she showed an emormous amount of courage.  The group are currently enjoying cake and hot chocolate before heading our this evening for pizza.


The ski team can now officially say "we can all ski."
The team came off the mountain today and were treated to a mountain rollercoaster, with students saying "this is the best experience of my life." 
This evening the group are having a film night and can't wait to move over to the glacier tomorrow! An amazing day had by all.

Skiers of the day were Catriona and Hannah for the way they both helped 3 year old students when they fell over. Sheer pleasure to watch Brentside students learning and achieving together and showing such a caring nature.


The ski team are off the mountain safe and enjoyed a brilliant day. All students have continued to accelerate their progress. The group are heading to a local ice cream parlour after dinner this evening. Skiers of the day were Borna and Jake. Borna for not giving up and Jake for showing how Brentside students support one another when a challenge presents itself. 


Ski trip arrived safely and sun is shining!

The ski team are safely off the mountain after a great day of sunshine. All of the beginner group are up and on their feet and progress for all today has been awesome.  Tonight the group are going to enjoy an evening quiz. Skier of the day was Nadia for her wonderful peer support and excellent parallel turns!