Learning & Achieving Together

Parent Forum/ Friends@Brentside Meeting: Wednesday, 20 March

We will be holding a meeting open to all parents/carers on Wednesday, 20 March,18:30 - 20:00. The meeting will be split into two parts and those parents who wish to be involved may attend either or both parts. The meeting will be held in the conference room at Brentside High School.   

The first part of the meeting will be our Parent Forum, the focus of which is to share information about school developments and gather your views on key school issues.  This will include a discussion on developing parent workshops to support students' preparation for assessments and examinations.

The second part of the meeting will be the Annual General Meeting of our PTA, Friends@Brentside (F@B). This will start at 19:15. 

Agenda for the Annual General Meeting: 

  1. Briefly report on our fundraising activities for the year  

  1. Present our financial report for the year 

  1. Elect/re-elect committee members 

  1. Review the bids made by school departments to receive money from F@B’s first year of fundraising and decide which bids to support 

  1. Briefly discuss and begin to plan for fundraising events in the summer term and in the longer term. 

Current post-holders are

Co-chair: Jackie Morning and Tereza Ledlova 

Treasurer: Pauline Hamri 

Secretary: Michelle Duby 

Current non-post committee members are

Staff:Mel Rosenblatt (Senior Leadership Team at Brentside High School) 

Parent/Carer: Irum Hamad 

All committee posts are open for nominations. If you would like to nominate yourself or another person to stand for one of our posts, please do so in writing by emailing chair@friendsatbrentside.org.uk with a brief note about why you would be interested in the role (a sentence or two is fine!) and the name of a person who has agreed to second your nomination. Please do this by Friday, 15 March. Alternatively, the same information may be left at the school office marked FAO Ms Rosenblatt, F@B, also by Friday, 15 March. If there are not enough nominations received in writing/by email before the AGM, nominations may be made in person at the meeting.