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Friends at Brentside

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Who can join F@B?

F@B is open to all parents and carers of children in any year at Brentside High School, as well as teachers and support staff at the school and members of the community who care about and want to help the school and its students.

What does F@B do?

F@B was formed in March 2018 and you may have seen us selling refreshments at various school events, as well as running the raffle at the Christmas show and the second-hand uniform stall at the Year 6 transition evening. This year, we’re looking for even more ways to raise money for the school and help support the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at school events.

Our activities are all aimed at raising money for Brentside High School, and any money we raise will be spent on equipment or activities that benefit students across all year groups. So far, we have helped the Modern Foreign Languages and Science departments purchase valuable equipment for their students.

How can I get involved with F@B?

F@B is always looking for people who are willing to lend a hand, whether this is helping to sell refreshments, sorting out some school uniform, or handing out flyers to new parents. Drop us a line on hello@friendsatbrentside.org.uk. We will keep your details safe and use them only to let you know about F@B meetings and events, and about how you might be able to get involved. There’s never any pressure to do more than you feel like doing – but there’s usually something to do if you fancy it!

When does F@B meet?

We meet regularly after the school’s ‘Parent Forum’ meeting, once a term. The dates of these meetings are always on the school’s website and in the school’s newsletter. The next termly meeting is on 18 March 2020. There may be other meetings throughout the year to organise particular events. These will be communicated by email.