Learning & Achieving Together

The sad loss of Andrew Busigu - a former colleague

It is with great sadness that we share with our school community the passing of Andrew Busigu, who taught computing at Brentside from 2015-2018. Mr Busigu passed away after a long illness and with his family’s permission, we wanted to share this news for those students and staff who have left Brentside High School and to recognise and celebrate the care and dedication that characterised Mr Busigu’s time with us here.

Mr Busigu touched many of our hearts with his fantastic personality and positivity, his gentle warmth and humour and his calm, caring approach. He was a real role model for all of us, having changed career to come into teaching, and Brentside High School was his first school. Mr Busigu went on to inspire many students and staff with whom he worked, forming strong working relationships built on openness and high expectations.

Our students have characterised Mr Busigu as someone who believed in their potential and helped them to make real progress. They say that he was always calm and proud of them for what they achieved. He was a listening ear and a champion of those in his form group in particular. Students and staff alike knew of Mr Busigu’s commitment and dedication to the profession he had found later in life. The opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of young people was one that drove Mr Busigu to do all that he could for all of us.

We know that there will be parents and students who will want to pass on their condolences to Mr Busigu’s family. If you would like to send in a message, or share a special memory with Mr Busigu’s family, please do so using this private email address condolencesabu@brentsidehigh.ealing.sch.uk.