Target Setting Day

We believe that the value of the day, its usual impact on the success of individual students, and the opportunity for students to meet with their tutor to review their progress since September, mean that we want the day to go ahead this year, albeit in a different format.

Unfortunately, in order to adhere to government guidance, this time we are not able to welcome parents/carers on site for the target setting meeting as we usually would. Instead lessons will be suspended for the day as usual and students will come into school only for their scheduled 10-minute meeting with their tutor (any student required on site for any additional reasons will receive a letter explaining this). In the meeting the tutor will share with your child the grades, attitude to learning scores, targets and feedback from each of their teachers. The tutor (or in some cases Year Team/Assistant Headteacher/Learning Support team member) and student will work together to agree two overall targets that will support your child across their subjects to make progress over the coming months. These targets will be recorded in your child’s planner and we would ask that you discuss at home the targets and the subject report your child will bring home after the meeting. An additional copy of the report is available from the school after the day if required. Please email after 26 November to request a copy if needed. In some cases, tutors will also make direct contact with parents/carers on, before or after Target Setting Day in order to further support students to move forward. Students will be given a Target Setting Day appointment time. As all appointments will be within the school day, we do not expect the timing to be an issue for students, but they are asked to speak with their Year Leader if there is any reason why this time is not possible.

When students are at home for the rest of Target Setting Day we ask that, in addition to discussing the day with you, they work on home learning set that week. We will make arrangements at school for your child to work here if you are a key worker. Please email us at so that we are aware of your situation.

We understand that some parents/carers may want to drop off and collect their child as they are only on site for a short period of time and will probably be unable to travel with friends, as they might normally, as each student has a different appointment time. If this is the case, please agree with your child where you will meet them after their appointment. As a reminder, parking is not available on site and do please remember also that parking on the double yellow lines or the zigzags outside of school is not permitted.

If your child is unwell on Target Setting Day please report their absence to school in the usual way. Children with Covid symptoms or those in a household with anyone who has such symptoms must not attend school. 

Our tutors are looking forward to spending time with each of their tutees, looking at their progress across all subjects since September, congratulating them on their achievements and supporting them to identify what two changes will make the greatest impact to their progress moving forwards. We hope that you will find the report home informative and do contact relevant staff should you need to discuss the report further once you have received the report.