Planetarium Workshop Wonders

To celebrate 'British Science Week', Brentside High school kicked off the weekly event on Monday 21 March by inviting enthusiastic presenters to lead exciting demonstrations that were interactive and fun. For the planetarium workshop, 75 Students from across Year 7 and 8 were met with a huge space dome whereby they had to crawl into a darkened tunnel to discover the worlds that glitter in our night sky. Darren and Canaan in Year 8 had this to say: 'It was Awesome!! The best bit was when it suddenly went pitch black and a lightening struck to give us a little scare'' and ''Oh my God it was amazing! Thank you for selecting me. I have been astronomatised, if that is even a word, by the stars and planets''. Staff were also enthralled by the display with Ms Hickey saying: 'All the staff agreed that we haven’t seen everyone so thoroughly enthused about science. They were so excited to have been chosen and were all talking about it''. We want to thank our presenters for coming in and giving such a fantastic demonstration!