Year 12s Visit the Barbican

On Monday 13 June, a group of our Year 12 art students travelled to the Barbican Centre in the City of London to see the exhibitions 'Post War: Modern' and 'Our Time on Earth'. The exhibitions were selected for their diverse concepts and content with the aim of inspiring students personal study and investigation. The Barbican is also a great place for students to witness and record Brutalist architecture. 

'Post War: Modern': This exhibition featured over 200 artworks from 48 artists working in photography, painting, sculpture, collage and installation. The works explored how artists responded and reacted to the aftermath of WW2. The diversity of imagery, materials and techniques was certainly inspiring, and we look forward to seeing how students respond to the complex concepts that artists tackled in this time of change. 

'Our Time on Earth': This exhibition showed how artists, designers, activists and scientists are working together to tackle the climate change crisis.  It explored a range of radical ideas which should inspire our students to see how their work and ideas can be used to change and inform the future, and to consider the bigger picture.