Committee Structure

Governing Body

The Governing Body meets four times a year during term time, and where necessary will hold extraordinary meetings to deal with urgent business or business required by legislation. Some of the work of the Governing Body is delegated to committees in order to spread the work load. The minutes from these committees are brought to governing body meetings for ratification and to enable other governors to seek clarification on any issues. 

Finance and General Purposes Committee

This committee meets approximately six times a year to monitor expenditure, approve the final accounts for each year and to agree the budget for each forthcoming financial year. Additionally we review any issues relating to our school premises, eg. Facilities Management, planned and unplanned maintenance.

Any requests for school trips are brought to this committee for final approval before they go ahead.

Curriculum Committee

This committee meets approximately four times a year to review the curriculum, set targets for school performance and standards and analyse external examination data and trends.

Governor Review Panel

This committee meets as and when required to review any decisions which the headteacher may have made to permanently exclude a student. Although the headteacher can initially exclude a student, the final decision whether to uphold a permanent exclusion lies with the Governor Review Panel. This committee also reviews and monitors fixed term exclusions.

Other committees of the Governing Body are:

  • Discipline Committee (Staff)
  • Pay and Personnel Committee
  • Appeals Committee

These committees meet as and when required during the year.