Equipment Checklist

Equipment Checklist

Developing skills in independent learning leads to success. All students are expected to be fully equipped for every lesson. This is a fundamental aspect to them taking ownership and responsibility for their learning.

Please ensure your child is fully equipped for learning each day.

• A school bag

• A student planner with a timetable glued in

• At least two blue or black pens

• At least two green pens

• At least two pencils

• A ruler

• A glue stick

• A rubber

• A pencil sharpener

• A scientific calculator

• A protractor

• Highlighter pens (at least three different colours)

• A reading book

• A refillable water bottle


• A watch - no smart watches. (Mobile phones must not be used to check the time or timetables)

• Flashcards to support students with revision techniques from Year 7