Staff Contact by Department

Art, Craft and Design

Art, Craft and Design Subject Leader: Miss N Humera

Ms N Carter-

Mrs K Zhian-

Miss H Pinner-

Mr A Dittrich-

Ms K Dunn-

Miss C Sewoo-

Ms E Twieg-

Ms C Bennett-

Miss T Brereton-

Miss C Busingye-

Mr D Chitolie-

Mr E Trona-


Business Studies/Economics

Business Studies Subject Leader: Mr H Uddin

Ms F Zaman-



Citizenship Subject Leader: Mr S McNamara

Ms K Giles-

Miss A Kass-

Ms M Rosenblatt-

Ms Tahia Jahan-


Computing and ICT

Computing and ICT Subject Leader: Mr A Fruzza

Ms N Hussain-



Drama Subject Leader: Ms F Northcott

Ms J Griffiths-

Ms I Hatwell-



English Subject Leader: Mrs T Colagrossi

Ms S Baker-

Miss A Gogna-

Ms H Haria-

Mr T Lloyd-

Ms A Richardson-

Ms N Al-Sikab-

Ms N Bhati-

Mr J Cooper-

Mr H Ghoochani-

Miss E Mohamed-


Food Technology

Food Technology Subject Leader: Miss Z Sahir-Ahmed



Geography Subject Leader: Ms A Bell



Ms J Miotello-

Mr M Walsh-


Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care Subject Leader: Ms A Lane

Miss M Silla-



History Subject Leader: Mr A Kamoga

Mrs J Hickey-

Mr E Keal-

Mr J Martin-

Mr P Moynihan-

Mr N Mills-


Learning Support

SENCO: Mr P Sandelson

Deputy SENCO: Miss D Barnaby

Mrs A George-

Ms C Alexander-

Mr M Almonacid-

Ms M Ferrer-

Mr M Ford-

Mrs W Griffiths-

Mrs B Mall-

Miss H Mohamed-

Miss A Noor-

Miss J Robinson-

Mrs R Samji-

Mrs R Selvarajah-

Mr G Strudwick-

Mr D Wharton-

Ms B Yunda-



Mr H Ghoochani-



Mathematics Subject Leader: Ms S Nagra

Mr R Famojuro-

Ms H Gill-

Mr A Hadi-

Mr H Jones-

Ms K Padda-

Mr B Tafilaku-

Mr R Thakur-

Mr C Bannon-

Mrs V Heer-

Mr N Kirby-

Ms M Webb-


Media Studies

Media Studies Subject Leader: Mr J Welch

Miss C Hames-


Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages Subject Leader (Acting): Ms T Colagrossi

Ms S Benothmane-

Ms E De Leon-

Mr A Guillaume-

Mr D Pessellin-

Ms J Pujol-

Ms B Boyeldieu-



Music Subject Leader: Miss H Reddaway

Mr C Corachea-

Ms I Mertzelos-



 Psychology Acting Subject Leader: Ms M Rosenblatt

Dr J Bosher-

Ms C Amankwah-


Physical Education

Physical Education Subject Leader: Mr C Reynolds

Miss C Allen-

Mr A Hole-

Ms A Lane-


Religious Studies

Religious Studies Subject Leader: Ms S Sarpi

Ms Tahia Jahan-

Ms K Manu-



Science Subject Leader: Dr N Malik

Mr B Addo-

Ms A Blankson-

Dr J Bosher-

Mr T Burnett-

Ms S Cumberbatch-

Mrs C Hadjazi-

Mr H Mahdi-

Mrs N Maurya-

Mr D Otoo-

Mrs H Patel-

Mr A Ravani-

Ms D Shepherd-



Sociology Acting Subject Leader: Ms M Rosenblatt

Miss M Silla-

Ms C