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Amazing Apprenticeships

Amazing Apprenticeships

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National Careers Service

iCould. Real life stories to inspire your career.  from accountants to zookeepers, get a first-hand view of jobs and ideas for your future


ULAS. Connecting young people to employers and universities


UpskillMe - Join Upskill Me to learn from inspiring speakers, entrepreneurs, careers advisers and employers about the essential skills you need to succeed in life. 


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The importance of Labour Market Information (LMI) to students

Education Development Trust

Keeping up to date with what's happening in the labour market is important for anyone making careers related decisions about their future.  You should be aware of:

  • What opportunities are out there for you
  • What the future trends are likely to be in different sectors
  • What qualifications and skills you will need 
  • How you need to prepare yourself to compete for jobs in some sectors

Education Development Trust LMI Bulletin London - February 2018

Education Development Trust LMI Bulletin London - March 2018

Education Development Trust LMI Bulletin London - May 2018

Education Development Trust LMI Bulletin London - July 2018

This young person friendly language document and associated infographic is through this link

Big Choice useful information about the job market and suitable for displays.

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Parents Guide To Apprenticeships

Parents Guide To Apprenticeships

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